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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] Avenge WIP

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Joined: 23rd Jul 2012
Posted: 24th Jul 2012 00:47
Recently i've been working on the plot of my game. I'm really dissapointed that none of my other games worked out. I was working on a game called "Uprising" which was going to be a World War 2 game where the Germans won the war and went on to take over the world. But anyways, here's the plot for my new game, "Avenge" (Constructive criticism appreciated):
You wake up to the noise of a door opening downstairs. You turn on the light and see your wife is still in bed with you. You get out of the bed and grab your Revolver, and you hear footsteps as you walk into the kitchen. Then, when you walk through the archway to your living room, you get stabbed in the chest and pass out. You wake up in a Post-Apocalyptic Detroit. You somehow got amnesia (later finds out he was be hit with lead pipe in head). Most of the game is trying to make your way through Detroit, trying to find out who you are, and where your family is. Later in the game, you find your wife buried underneath a pile of rubble. You pull her out, realizing that the rubble didn't injure her too much. A couple levels later, you hear screaming from a nearby factory. You walk through the first factory, you and your wife go outside so she can have a cigarette, she goes back in, and you stay outside. Then, you hear the scream again, only it's not the scream from before. It's your wife's. You smell smoke. You go inside and see the factory started on fire, and your wife is sitting there, tied up and gagged, burning to death. So you walk through the burning factory to find the arsonist, and you take the stairs to the last floor. And there you see a young man in a hoodie, bent over in the corner. He explains that you're his father, and you traded him for drugs a couple years ago. He burned down the city and killed your wife. You grab the nearest H-Bar and fight the final battle (The other enemies are Burn Victims). Yeah, that stuff.
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Posted: 24th Jul 2012 18:54 Edited at: 24th Jul 2012 18:57
A word to game stories in general:

On this forum I've read 100+ of them. Some where cool, some where interesting, some ridiculous and some just crap.

But thats not important.

The most important thing is, that the game should be able to tell the story - or bluntly said, that the games creator should be a good enough developer to make the game do so.

When I download a new game and start playing it's mostly starting in a room with a weapon and.....well....just moving forward and playing till death or the end screen. I am not coming back to the forums to read the story prior to playing the game and not many other people care to do.

So if you create a story (quality and originality aside) you HAVE to be able to tell it ingame with loading screen, voiceover, intro movie, cutscenes or whatever. If you can't, scrap the story and think of somethin you CAN tell ingame, because this is all that counts.

PS: If you have a really good story but can not translate it to a game, try actually writing it. No sarcasm, writing a 100 page novel is much less effort than creating a 30 minute game and probably sells easier.

In case you find my grammar and spelling weird ---> native German speaker ^^

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