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Work in Progress / My newest project: a collection of old school "retro" style games in one...

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Posted: 7th Aug 2012 06:22 Edited at: 7th Aug 2012 10:02
Only been doing DarkBasic for about a year, and programming in general since last summer. My first game ever was "Blake the Snake" which I programmed in Dark Basic Classic last summer. I've been using DB Classic for about the last year and only recently upgraded to DBPro.

So now I'm working on a collection of retro/classic style games all in one program and this video shows the first 4 games. I plan on having at least 8 when I'm done. I'm going to make a yahtzee style competition game where two players (or one player vs the computer) can go head to head and even shoot each others scores down with laser beams.

I also plan on including a brick wall style 'break-out' clone as well as a special version of the classic Sorry board game. (I'm about half way done with my Sorry clone as I write this) it includes options to have walking zombies roam the board searching for fresh player meat and even guns that a player can land on and shoot any player not in a safe place, sending that player back to home start> A gun picked up could also be used to shoot any nearby zombies. Those are options that will be selectable as on or off at the beginning of the game.

Still certainly not anywhere near commercial quality games, but I am learning a LOT by making these simple games.. and you can even see my improvement in my Snake game in this video vs the Blake the Snake game I made last summer (also found on youtube under my user name btw)

Any comments? Suggestions? Ideas? Please feel free and comment or even be critical of me... whatever is cool.

Thanks for viewing.

Here's a Youtube video sampling of the first 4 games in my game so far:

- Zaxx

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