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Dark GDK / [Suggest] GDK 1.0 or GDK 2.0

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Joined: 23rd Nov 2011
Posted: 11th Aug 2012 09:30
hello all,
currently I m working on Semi FPS and TPS game....i m using GDK 1.0 without OCT2010 update bcoz animations r broken in update...
there r many problems that I m facing...can not add AI in it...I m very confuse now that should I move towards the GDK 2.0 or not...i m not a professional programmer... if I buy GDK 2.0 then I have to rewrite complete code of my game or not?
Dark AI is builtin in GDK 2.0?
collision detection is builtin or not?
please sugget me...!!! GDK2.0 or stay at 1.0
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Joined: 28th Dec 2005
Location: Sweden
Posted: 11th Aug 2012 12:16
DarkGDK 2 is just a DBPro wrapper with quite a lot of third party plugins wrapped up for you from the beginning and the possibility to wrap others yourself. Out of the box I think it supports (among other things) DarkAI, DarkPhysics and Sparky's collision library, yes.
There are still a few issues with it to be weary about though; you CAN work around most of these (I've been able to so far at least) by manually editing or adding to the wrapped dll functions although such solutions will probably result in added overhead when having to call multiple functions to achieve the result of what-would-be just one.
Also yes, quite a few (of the built-in) functions have been renamed, had their parameters rearranged or even been replaced or removed alltogether from their DarkGDK 1 versions. You shouldn't have to do a complete rewrite however.
A tip is to use a modular system (ie. classes) to wrap the GDK functionality in yet another layer yourself; in that way you would only have to change a few key places if something needs to be updated and all your other code would run off of yuor same old interfaces.

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Joined: 27th Feb 2011
Location: XNA
Posted: 19th Aug 2012 00:19
DarkGDK2.0 IS an improvement over DGDK1.0, but before upgrading I'd wait a little bit. Why? Because not all of 2.0's kinks have been ironed out yet. Whereas 1.0 also has problems, at least you know what they are, and there's plenty of threads about how to fix them. But that's just my opinion.

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Joined: 24th Jul 2008
Location: Toronto
Posted: 19th Aug 2012 01:37
2.0 is worth the money, There is a bit of setup difference with 2.0 then 1.0 but the speed is awesome and the commands in it is awesome. All you can do is try it out for your self, And see what happens from there.

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