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Music & Sound FX / need composer of electronic music for your syfy or modern tech games you got it check out NeoXe5

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Joined: 12th Aug 2012
Posted: 13th Aug 2012 05:46
hello I am NeoXe5 i love electronic music and i love composing it too
iv always wanted to make music for a syfy game like ratchet and clank so i am hear to tell you sll that i will be willing to create and compose the electonic music for you syfy or tech game just buzz me and email My email is yea really dont let me have to tell you why anyways i will then send you one of my works all you need to do is tell me what your game theme is and show me some art or demo and il compose music for it that fits well with the game its same not to mention my cost 2 you 0$ also im very good at loop tracks see sample below

NeoXe5-Il make your electronic music for your videogame i make anything electronic music themed I do you name and i make it like david berguend and deadmau5 Combined


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