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2D All the way! / Falling Boxes - need a 2d artist

User Banned
Posted: 15th Aug 2012 17:11
hello im building a small yet cool AppGameKit game named FallingBoxes.

the story is you (player) have just being kicked by your girlfriend from your adpartment after she cought you cheating with a rabbit , yes folks a rabbit , she cought you 2 having sex then decided you are not good for her (obviusly) so now you are on the street near your building and suddenly you hit by a box full with your stuff in it , your ex is throwing all your stuff from the balcony of the adpartment and you need to avoid all the boxes , the longer you avoid the longer you stay alive and gain points. simple and fun

so what i need is:
a girl with throwing animation
a guy that can move right or left with animations
a rabbit with animation moving right or left (its just for the start sequence when the first box fall the rabbit get scared and run away)

ok thats it for now , anyone up for the challenge?
credits will be given inside the game menu.

im aiming at Iphone and Android mobiles
since in the game you need to tilt your device right or left moving the player.

ty for your time

User Banned
Posted: 15th Aug 2012 17:13 Edited at: 15th Aug 2012 17:14

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