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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Flowershop Platformer

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Joined: 2nd Oct 2011
Location: Cali
Posted: 7th Sep 2012 00:32 Edited at: 7th Sep 2012 00:35
Hello all,

I have not been online in a while since i started college, but just wanted to post an update of my game to get some much needed feedback

I cant really provide a screen shot at the moment, so hopefully your curiosity will take over.

Anyway i added a whole lot of new things, some simple BGM for the game(which makes the file a little bigger 11MB sorry!)

new graphics

new enemys

new stages

there are some glitches, but try to look around them for now.

As always i love feedback either negative or positive to let me have it! The download is on the bottom right of my post.

Also here is a small web site that im working on for a class:
If any one wants to see

Programming and video games, what else could you need?


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Joined: 6th Mar 2008
Location: san antonio, tx
Posted: 14th Sep 2012 07:41

well i tried the game. very nice game you got. this is just somethings i notice while playing.

this happen on stage 2

when i jump of the platform that fall down dont respawn back to original spot when you die.

sometimes when you die the game freeze.

when you walk on the platform disappear you fall to the bottom of screen, you die. i know maybe thats the part of the game, but could it scroll down with the character so you can get back up.

also on level 2 when the level start 2 bad guy sometimes fall in the level or thru it.

i know you said theres giltches but this what i notice playing the game, just havent a change to complete it.

i do enjoy watching that dancing flower in the background from side to side.

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