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Dark GDK / restore, data, and read

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Joined: 4th Sep 2011
Posted: 11th Sep 2012 04:27
Does anyone know how to substitute for those 3 commands for dgdk?

i am trying to port one of my games over from dbp.
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Joined: 20th May 2009
Location: Oklahoma City OK (USA)
Posted: 14th Sep 2012 02:40
I am using the other DarkGDK.NET and faced the same problem. My data consisted of X/Y pairs such as;

DATA 123.45, 678.90

What I did was cut and paste all of my data to a textfile using NOTEPAD and then did a search and replace until the data looked like:

123.45, 678.90


Then I saved it as "datapnts.txt"

I then used the following code in VB to read the file to an array:

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Joined: 24th Apr 2010
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Posted: 15th Sep 2012 02:16
if using c/c++ you could just load the values into a array something like

int datavals[] = {12,2,34,45}; //datavals represents your data: line
rr = datavals[2] ; // read the 3rd element

or you could use a variable in place of the number, set the var back to 0 when you need and you've got your 'restore'

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