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3 Dimensional Chat / trying to find free clothed male modeling references

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Joined: 12th Jun 2010
Location: Australia
Posted: 11th Sep 2012 15:49
I have searched all over the place with no luck. All I can find is naked or almost naked references. How do you guys go about finding semi orthographic references for character modeling?

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New World Order
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Joined: 31st Oct 2004
Posted: 11th Sep 2012 17:46
maybe instead of searching randomly for clothed males, you could try to get more specific in your search.. eg. for "soldier concept art" google turns up a bunch of sketches that could help you... Of course there might be the problem that you are working off somebody else's concept art.. Therefore you should probably use them only for rough reference or maybe combine parts from different sources... Hope this helps some...

The final stage would probably to draw your own reference to model after..^^
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Posted: 11th Sep 2012 21:39
imo You are better off with nude ref for the underlying body anyways, then get separate ref for specific clothing items to add around the body. Easier to break it into manageable segments. The clothing will shape, fit and hang more naturally as you get a better understanding of the all important anatomy, and portions of the body which get covered will be eliminated during retopo.

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