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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] Jorma ACTION gameplay walkthroughs

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Joined: 23rd Sep 2012
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Posted: 24th Sep 2012 04:25
Hello everybody!

Before I start I would like to say right now if there are any mistakes in this thread I would like a moderator to let me know and I will try to fix it!

So what I am doing is starting gameplay footage of an indie game that was made with FPSC (of course) and it is called Jorma ACTION
That is link to the thread for the actual game!

I am going to try and complete the whole game with a fool gameplay footage!

If you would like me to play your game and post it on youtube with HD quality gameplay, I would love to do that!
(Keep in mind i am not a big horror fan so if you want me to record a horror game I would have to look at it first before I start)
Check out Jonez Games official youtube channel and subscribe to him
Gameplay footage of Jorma ACTION part 1! (Yes it is in HD)
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Posted: 24th Sep 2012 07:27
You know that this is completly the wrong board?

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