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3 Dimensional Chat / Generic Space Soldier [TGC Comp entry]

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Joined: 9th Jul 2007
Location: Stockholm, Sweden.
Posted: 26th Sep 2012 22:52 Edited at: 26th Sep 2012 22:54
Yo! Figured I'd enter this month's competition since I haven't in a while, so yeah.

Not much to say about this model really, just a generic big sci-fi/space/whatever soldier type guy. Really let my imagination flow on this one.

Currently working on the high poly model, got the base body sculpt done a while ago and am now working on the armour pieces. Things like the lack of pants, or the fact that it looks like he's wearing a speedo are currently being worked on. As with most of my models I'm going to retopologize, UV map and texture it all to be game ready. So quite a ways to go still, will update as I see fit.
Base body sculpt:

Current progress on the armour:

Hello, I am Seb.
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Joined: 28th Dec 2012
Posted: 28th Dec 2012 10:41
This is so big. You have explained it very well how to create a robot. The picture tells everything. When I saw this I remembered about the robot movies I saw before. It makes us a feeling of fear inside when we see it.


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