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3 Dimensional Chat / Creating my first game

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Joined: 2nd Oct 2012
Posted: 2nd Oct 2012 17:07
I really need help?!

I have this great game that i want to make a reality but I don't know anything about creating games, or coding I recently purchased the 3D gamemaker software. The type of game I would like to create does not consist of fighting or enemies. Its fun and for all ages. the 3d game maker doesnt help much at this point because its for creating dark basic games only or is it? Im trying to find something that will create the animation characters how I want them. and the scene I need help figuring this out. someone help
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Joined: 19th Jun 2009
Location: England, Sheffield
Posted: 4th Oct 2012 01:41
ohhhhhhh you have a long way to go....very long way...To start with I'd get something like G-Max or sketchup, and start learning to model...Then when you can make half decent characters and scenes move on to animation...As far as I know nothing will just 'make the animations' <-- Image Hosting for your pictures
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Posted: 5th Oct 2012 10:10 Edited at: 5th Oct 2012 10:21
Despite what people selling game engines claim, you literally have to be extremely rich or have years to spare to produce enough 3d content for anything that will be acknowledged.

Pretty much every 3D project ever posted here or on other game engine sites, by indy developers, reflect this.

You can thank the lack of model production tool development for that.. zbrush and makehuman are pretty much the only innovations to come out of the last two decades, there is maybe 3 animation options in literally the entire 3D industry and they are based around usability from the early 90s..

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