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PureGDK / DarkCloud Problems

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Joined: 16th May 2008
Posted: 8th Oct 2012 22:04
Hello - i try to run the actual DarkGDK Example for DarkClouds but i don't see any Clouds

I have licensed all plugins and i have done rebuilding my dll and create new headers with all my licends plugins.

The Code Crashes at line:

dbSetCubeMappingOn(1,2,3,4,5,6,7) in file h.lib3d.pb at Function0(ObjectID, Face1, Face2, Face3, Face4, Face5, Face6)

any ideas or tips for me?

I try also to comment out the line dbSetCubeMappingOn(1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - this removes the error but i can't see any clouds.

Plz help - and sorry about my bad english

Greetings Stefan
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Joined: 16th Dec 2009
Location: Swampstone
Posted: 26th Nov 2012 19:50 Edited at: 26th Nov 2012 20:21
Did you ever get this working???? What language are you using?

From your example I got it working in c++

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