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Work in Progress / Sports Fiction ®

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Joined: 21st Nov 2007
Location: Austin, TX
Posted: 31st Jul 2022 06:40 Edited at: 31st Jul 2022 06:41
Performance bottlenecks are the bane of developers everywhere, finding ways around them is the hallmark of a capable engineer. I've had a lot of success in my career by pursuing creative and unconventional solutions and wish you the best here.

I'm interested in hearing some more details on your terrain solution. What are you using if not a height map? Modularity is always good, but how is that being applied here? At the end of the day isn't some kind of height data still needed? Good, detailed and efficient terrains are complicated things, I'm super curious how you are approaching this

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A single player RPG featuring a branching, player driven storyline of meaningful choices and multiple endings alongside challenging active combat and intelligent AI.
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Joined: 12th Jun 2011
Location: Athens, Hellas
Posted: 6th Aug 2022 18:11
I hope we get to see some of your progress soon! Are you still going for a cartoon visual style?
Chris Tate
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Posted: 16th Sep 2022 10:14
I've now used an array of grids and called it a cell container. The terrain can have multiple cell containers for a variety of purposes. Depending on what surrounds cell, or what class of cell it is, the cell is rendered dynamically and then forms a mesh. I can have a mesh applied to flat land and other meshes applied to cliff edges for example.
I plan to add these meshes to a memory cache and file cache when not near the camera.
The main terrain features are not height field based, but there will be applications of height field terrains in use here and there.
I will be able to draw these terrain cells like pixels, but for now I am generating them while I focus more on the artefacts and architecture. I'm taking advantage of the improved hardware of today and using more non-destructive CAD features.

The visual style will feature cartoonish shading to resemble a variety of techniques used in comics. I also plan to use comic panel layouts for much of the user interface. And will reuse the style in future projects in general to make use of my investments in the rendering techniques.

I've been more consistent with my coding sessions over the past year and will soon be able to turn a bunch of lines into buildings, and performance will be more manageable this time. Once that is done I can start animating things, and I am currently looking for a better physics engine DLL.

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