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Music & Sound FX / I forgive a harmonious and calm melody - even production

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Joined: 12th Oct 2012
Posted: 12th Oct 2012 19:04
Hello everybody

i have produce a nice harmonious melody an search a guy that import it to her /his game...

I forgive only once!!
Formats : .ogg / .mp3 / .mid / .wav
Quality : 450 kbit/s


I want that this melody is added to match play where it is needed so harmoniously

So please believe me...

once you've convinced me I'll give you the melody with a small check that I will then be entered in the credits

Listen to the music here
with a Anti-theft edit ( irregular Ride beats )
and the quality was regulated down to 96 kbit/s

Sorrry for my very bad englisch i am from Germany and yes..
Google Translator Livveeess *~*

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