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iOS and MacOS / Failed to create OpenGL ES 2.0 context" error on 2nd Gen iPod

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Joined: 2nd Jul 2012
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Posted: 24th Oct 2012 20:32
I'm getting a "Failed to create OpenGL ES 2.0 context" when I try to run a tier 1 app created with AppGameKit 1082 beta on a 2nd generation iPod running iOS 4.2.1.

If I try the same app created with AppGameKit 1073, it runs successfully on the same 2nd generation iPod.

Did AppGameKit switch from using OpenGL 1.0 to Open GL 2.0 since AppGameKit 1073? I suspect that is the issue but wanted to make sure. I'd like to release my app so that it works for 2nd gen iPod's but also would like to get on a newer version of AppGameKit but based on this error, I think I'm stuck with either using an older version of AppGameKit or not supporting 2nd gen's.

Can anyone confirm my conclusions? Thanks.
Ancient Lady
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Posted: 24th Oct 2012 20:53
Yes, v1082 is now using OpenGL 2.0 instead of 1.0.

Rumor has it that they are considering rolling back to 1.0. But I cannot confirm that (I don't work for TGC).

Ancient Lady
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