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Joined: 29th May 2012
Location: Australia
Posted: 29th Oct 2012 10:25 Edited at: 30th Oct 2012 05:22
This is my first "True" attempt to create a real FPSC game. Tell me if I should continue.

In 2017 a meteor hit earth. A few weeks later the corruption began to spread from the meteor, the corruption was a spore based infection that could absorb into many types of matter. Including Stone, Wood and Human flesh. Soon people exposed to the corruption became insane. After a few years, towns and city's were destroyed, almost all people were either dead or corrupt. Just days before the end of all life, a man wakes up in a strange place. He has no memory of his past. Will he be able to stop the corruption?


(Sorry for the cursor in the image, used ScreenHunter.)

Made by Dylan Walsh (me)
With fps creator X9

ModDB -

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Joined: 23rd Jun 2006
Posted: 30th Oct 2012 19:01
Quote: "This is my first "True" attempt to create a real FPSC game. Tell me if I should continue."

If this is your first game attempt with FPSC, your doing real well, I would certainly say carry on

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Joined: 5th Jan 2006
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Posted: 30th Oct 2012 19:11
The images look good. The only crit I can give is repetitious textures. In the first shot your second story wall is identical to the first. You might want to go with a solid color there. I think that ceiling would look good in patches, but as you have it everywhere, it's too much repetition. The same goes for the floor, especially in large rooms. Try to break things up a bit.


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Posted: 31st Oct 2012 21:47
Indeed Great job and keep it up

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