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iOS and MacOS / AGK Player Icon and Splash Image Set (Normal/Retina/iPhone 5/New iPad)

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Posted: 30th Oct 2012 01:38 Edited at: 30th Oct 2012 02:14
The bundled icons and splash images for the AppGameKit Player are very low quality and were never updated to support retina devices. This has no impact on the functionality, but has been a visual distraction to me when running the player and when it sits alongside other apps on my devices. So, I threw together a comprehensive icon and splash image set to bring all of these resources up to speed for all devices. You can easily reference these resources in the interpreter Xcode Project to make AppGameKit Player the best looking it can be on every Apple device.

The Retina 4-inch splash image will also allow AppGameKit Player to properly detect iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5G resolution; without it the resolution is seen as 640x960.

Default-568h@2x.png - Iphone 5, iPod Touch 5G (Retina 4-inch)
Default-Landscape.png - iPad 1-2, iPad Mini (Landscape Orientation)
Default-Landscape@2x.png - iPad 3+ (Retina Landscape Orientation)
Default-Portrait.png - iPad 1-2, iPad Mini (Landscape Orientation)
Default-Portrait@2x.png - iPad 3+ (Retina Landscape Orientation)
Default.png - iPhone 1-3, iPod Touch 1G-3G
Default@2x.png - iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch 4G

Icon-ipad.png - iPad 1-2, iPad Mini
Icon-ipad@2x.png - iPad 3+ (Retina)
Icon.png - iPhone 1-3, iPod Touch 1G-3G
Icon@2x.png - iPhone 4+, iPod Touch 4+
iTunesArtwork - Optional (Appears in ITunes if syncing or OTA deployment)

To use these (assuming Xcode 4+), delete the original Default.png, Default-Portrait.png, Icon.png and Icon-72.png files and references from the Xcode project resources. Then select the root agkinterpreter project in the Navigator window, and select the agk_interpreter target. You can then right-click each box in "App Icons" and "Launch Images" and click Select File. Browse for the matching file (see guide above) and Xcode will automatically set it and copy it to your project. All 11 can be added this way if you are using the latest Xcode. (Optionally you can drag in iTunesArtwork if you want it to show up in iTunes/OTA distro).

Also, add or verify the key: "Icon already includes gloss effects" is set to YES in agkinterpreter-Info.plist to prevent the generic gloss when building. Finally, I also create a key "Application does not run in background" and set it to YES so that whenever you press the Home key from within the Player, it will terminate and can be relaunched without having to always hold your finger in a certain area for 5+ seconds. This is a personal preference but one I find saves a lot of time in the long-run.

(Tested on iPhone 5, iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G, iPad 1, iPad 3... All is well).


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Posted: 30th Oct 2012 04:17

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