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iOS and MacOS / where should I put my object-c code?

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Joined: 27th Apr 2011
Location: China
Posted: 3rd Nov 2012 05:59
I want to compile a mac version of a game. There is no UntitledViewController in Mac template,isn't it? Then where should I put my object-c code?
I need to add in-app purchase, Facebook and twitter code.

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Posted: 3rd Nov 2012 17:02
You create your own .mm code file and then add it to the Classes folder in the Mac project.

As for adding the other bits, I can't help, don't know.

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Joined: 7th Dec 2008
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Posted: 6th Nov 2012 15:30
You need to create your implementation for the view controller and import in the .cpp the cocoa and the lib you need.
If you wanna use views and windows remember that the main window is GL, so create a variable to store it in to reuse elsewhere.

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