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Music & Sound FX / I just cannot find this one sound effect...

Fluffy Rabbit
User Banned
Posted: 4th Nov 2012 15:58
Hey everybody. I've never posted in this section of the forums before, so I don't know how how well this thread is going to go.

Anyways, a couple years ago, I was working on some DarkBASIC project that involved Lego bricks and guns. I was a n00b, and there was a game design competition, so I adapted the project to contain just the Lego part. I have since lost the original, and along with it a really awesome gun sound effect. A quick search turned up nothing, so I am turning to you.

I believe that it was in a WAV format, and it was the firing sound of a Desert Eagle pistol. It included a nice airy echo/reverb falloff, so it might have lasted up to a second or so. If I were to type it out, it would sound like "pifoh-waaaaaaaaaaahh". I think that someone had also marked it as public domain, if that's any help.

If anybody could find that sound for me, I would award them ten internets and my personal thanks.
Jamie R
Years of Service
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Joined: 19th Nov 2012
Posted: 20th Nov 2012 00:39
I am guessing you are talking about the gun shot ricochet. One with a convolution reverb?

If that is the case then I could make you a couple for free.
Just let me know <- Media profile (buying new domain asap)
Fluffy Rabbit
User Banned
Posted: 21st Nov 2012 06:08

Thanks for the offer! No, I am not talking about a ricochet. There is a very specific pistol firing sound that almost sounds like it has a low bitrate at 8000 hz or so. It's sort of like a ricochet except that instead of sounding metalic it sounds a little deeper and more airy. You know, sort of like a big pistol being fired outdoors in the desert. It's not the actual sound of the gun that I'm looking for but the specific sound file. (I know, it's completely unrealistic to expect to find it.)

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