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Code Snippets / [DBP] - 2D object placement editor

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Posted: 17th Nov 2012 23:16 Edited at: 18th Nov 2012 14:11
Start of a little project I've been planning for awhile. In my goal of getting away from simple tile-based maps, this is my beginning work for a 2D editor for an as of yet unknown game. I have a lot planned for the editor, but without getting into all that detail here's what this snippet will do.

Press 1-6 to get an object. Once you create a new object, whatever you were working with is stuck where you left it.(this is temporary, as that would be a level designer's nightmare) Use the mouse left-click to move the object. Right-click to rotate the object.

If a mod wants to lock/delete this thread please, I've decided to start posting this project in WIP instead of code snippets.

"You're not going crazy. You're going sane in a crazy world!" ~Tick


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