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Joined: 28th Dec 2006
Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
Posted: 27th Nov 2012 17:47
Lava (working title)

This very compact level came about just from listening to various bits of club music and also reading about Bugsy's very promising experimental crowd system.

After quite a long time away from FPSC, I wanted to see if it had advanced enough to the stage that moderately large crowds could be created without crashing my computer.

Anyway, his system hasn't been refined yet, and I lack the ability or time to work out how best to do it, so instead I wanted to create a modern club environment to put the crowd in and then build a short game around it.

To come, I'm going to try to find some modern bar furniture I can model and put in.


The story I have so far is that somewhere in my game, you will go into this club to complete a drug deal whereupon the club will be invaded by a rival gang who fire indiscriminately into the club, killing pretty much everybody inside, and you must defeat the shooters and escape from the club.

Anyway, until the crowd system is perfected, I can only refine the club and include a bar, and continue with the fog effects I've already started.

Anybody have and comments or critiques?

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Joined: 24th Nov 2008
Location: another place in time
Posted: 28th Nov 2012 04:24
the one issue here is that those characters are clearly static, i'd like a video of them all dancing together in real time 60fps! either way, static or not, lots of characters really set a scene's tone quite well[/img]
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Metal Devil123
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Joined: 13th Jul 2008
Location: Suomi, Finland
Posted: 28th Nov 2012 08:24
Looks great! Awesome work. It would be cool to see them dancing around all dynamic and stuff.

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