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Joined: 8th Oct 2012
Posted: 29th Nov 2012 17:56
Hi people, and sorry for post ... i'm french.

Here is the project I am currently doing: Last Escape
You are detained in a vast network of rooms and corridors where people there are very strange people ... each level will be an underground network, the last one will be outside (castle), I think to 6 levels.

For now here is the first map being created, it has many rooms and corridors with impasses that can hide traps.

The general mapping is finished, it needs to be done as furniture and scripting (enemies, items, weapons, ...) and of course the effects (ligthmap / shaders).
I'm not good at this aspect of the game so my screens may seem poorly made.

here's simple video of level mapping/level-gaming ...
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Posted: 2nd Dec 2012 23:09
Looks cool!


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