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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / First Android/iOS game: Tuxedo!

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Posted: 30th Nov 2012 02:01 Edited at: 30th Nov 2012 07:40
Hey guys, this is my first Android/iOS game created using AppGameKit called Tuxedo. I am currently a Computer Science major at Fresno State(not the first on this forum). Tuxedo is currently still in development but has gotten to a playable stage. My goal for this game was to create an action style fighting game that took advantage of the touchscreen controls on smart phones. The screenshot below gives a glimpse at the top down view of the battle. The fist sprites act as attack buttons that follow the player around the arena and when clicked knock back the enemy.

My experience with AppGameKit so far has been great. I am simultaneously using another game framework for a different project and I must say I love how easy it is to create and manage animating sprites and physics. I managed to get earlier builds running on my android phone but the newest/current build is having trouble running.

All the art is currently placeholder.(notice the Contra III player sprites )

Added a video of the battle to show how the mechanics work:

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