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Joined: 29th Oct 2012
Posted: 6th Dec 2012 22:34
We are using AppGameKit for our Game Design class at Fresno State.

SalsaMe started as an ambitious idea to make a game out of salsa dance moves and combinations.

Using simple and complex gestures on a smartphone, one can execute complicated dance moves and rack up points.

It doubles as a resource for social dancers to get ideas to bring to the club.

I’ve only managed to complete a raw prototype so far, but it has definitely been an adventure. I had zero game development experience prior.

Some notable tools that really helped me were

TexturePacker (amazing sprite sheet creator)
Console class (invaluable debugging tool, use cout << with agk)

I decided to use Microsoft Kinect motion capture using the Brekel Kinect driver to do my dance animations, and edit them in Autodesk MotionBuilder I exported the frames out to TIFFs and packed them with TexturePacker.

I use OpenCV to record gestures, and to detect shapes and patterns that are drawn.

Some downers were:
No fbx / skeletal animation support yet
Learning the hard way my Android Nexus limits bitmaps at 2048x2048, and then AppGameKit autoscales them down to 1024x1024 automatically. (Wish this was documented + configurable somewhere)
If you lock your orientation to landscape, and start the game in Portrait, the AGKSplash image will not stick. Couldn’t find a way around this
Square buttons

Other than that, AppGameKit was amazingly easy to learn. I learned a lot about game development along the way. I may be approaching Unity to get fbx support sooner, but for 2D development AppGameKit seems the way to go.

Here are some screenshots

Ancient Lady
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Joined: 17th Mar 2004
Location: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Posted: 6th Dec 2012 23:48
Ambitious indeed! And pretty cool.

Ancient Lady
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Joined: 23rd Jul 2011
Location: Sacramento, CA
Posted: 7th Dec 2012 05:13
Very nice, and good luck with your app!

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