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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Last Square Standing "remake"

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Posted: 21st Dec 2012 22:19
So, I found this little flash game called Last Square Standing and thought that is was a brilliant game to try to remake with AGK.

So I did. It's my first attempt at actually finishing a project in AppGameKit so there is probably bugs and performance issues in it. But it was fun to work on and pretty fun to play.

I'm posting the source code here instead of the compiled version, this way people can learn from it or perhaps give me feedback in case I've done something extraordinary dumb.

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Posted: 31st Dec 2012 23:12 Edited at: 31st Dec 2012 23:16
@ fluorescent

i copy your code you provide and ran into some errors. okay first i will tell what the error is and the how i fix the errors.

this were the error occur for me, when i compile i get a compiler error

Quote: "IF THEN ELSE construct does not allow colon separators at line..."

this is the part were i get erros.

this is how i fix the error. after the THEN part, the INC gamestate should be under neath. like in this

every Inc is were you can fix the error at ever point in the code were there is THEN

anotherthing i notice but not sure is

playerImage = LoadImage("YellowSquare.png") i not sure you can have capitalize file in it. from what i read on the forum is it better to have un-capitalization.

so after i fix the errors and add my own image. the code works perfect.

is it okay i look at your code to figure out how to fix my code block. in my code i want my AI appear from different sides of the screen towards them middle. i can do it were the AI only come from one side only.

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