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2D All the way! / Splitting up Sprite Sheets

Gingerkid Jack
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Posted: 10th Jan 2013 21:01 Edited at: 10th Jan 2013 21:02
[EDIT] I am not asking for the code, just how I would find the dimensions and position in my image editing software etc.

Hey, I have been working on an XNA game and I realise that I have never learnt the correct way of splitting up a sprite sheet when you do not know the dimensions of each sprite.

I am using this spritesheet, how would I find the correct dimensions and positions of sprites to split up the sheet? Would this involve creating a new spritesheet under controlled conditions and rescaling or is there another way?

Cheers, Jack.

Gingerkid Jack -
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Posted: 11th Jan 2013 03:28
This image is a collective sheet, you indeed would have to cut it up and create your own individual sheets...

I believe your images must be dividable by 2 in both axis

so an

X width of 200
Y height of 40

is good


X width of 203
Y height of 41

is a big nono...

Hope that was helpful...

Van B
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Posted: 11th Jan 2013 09:14
I think that all you can really do, is resize the sprite sheet (canvas, not image), then reposition each sprite so it centres on a grid layout. I like using 16x16 grids, as that gives 256 sprites, even if you only need half of that, the empty space will be compressed when using PNG's, and you can use bytes to store data relating to the sprite sheet, like animation sequences, tiled maps, 16x16 is a handy standard for this stuff.

If your using someone elses sprites, it can be really tricky to figure out animations etc, so always a good idea to spend some time organising sprites into logical sequences. At least all that selecting and moving will give you time to get to know the sprites .

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