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2D All the way! / New Pokemon Game

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Joined: 15th Jan 2013
Posted: 15th Jan 2013 19:19 Edited at: 23rd Jan 2013 19:10
i searched for other games like this on these forums but however when i collectively added code it altimatly doesnt work so im adding this post to see the communtiy answer.

As from the Subject im tring to make a new pokemon game useing Dark GDK

I have All the graphics down and im tring to set up the programming. Ill Update as i find time to continue to program.

At the moment im getting my background set, even though i have it loaded its not poping up im thinking its 2 big as a file then after ive fixed that i dont know how to Zoom in to a central location and move the map in the direction the sprite (like a normal Pokemon game)

Thanks for your input I hope to finish this project and share with those who help


im nearly 1/3 the way done, to give an update im currently got the my splash page, overworld, and NPCs done
however my code was COMPLETELY everywere so disorganized so i made them into different functions
thats when i started getting problems
my splash page will now not load - (cant tell if anything else went wrong)
this is the function

I left the LoadResources() out because its like 300 lines of code (lol) it has the loadImage funtions

void Splash()
//Set the window title
dbSetWindowTitle("Pokemon: Jolt Yellow Version");

while ( LoopGDK ( ) )
dbSprite ( THANKS, 0, 0, THANKS );

//Loop the intro music

//Displays the splash
dbSprite ( SPLASH, 0, 0, SPLASH_S );

// run a loop through all our sprites
for ( int i = 2; i < 30; i++ )
// create an animated sprite and give it the ID number
dbCreateAnimatedSprite ( SPLASH_START_S , "start.png", 1, 2, SPLASH_START );

// position our sprite at a Location near the bottom
dbSprite ( SPLASH_START_S, 0, 378, SPLASH_START );

//Clears the screen and delete the sprites, they not going to be used again till program restart
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Posted: 27th Jan 2013 01:22 Edited at: 27th Jan 2013 01:25
this area of the forums is generally for 2d art (vs 3d art), and not 2d coding as i think you thought

as you're using darkgdk, try asking the question in the darkgdk section of the forum here where i expect you'll have better luck getting a response.

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