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Dark GDK / Need some help with dbInput command

Dragon slayer
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Joined: 3rd Nov 2006
Location: Bourbonnais Illinois
Posted: 23rd Jan 2013 10:23
I can't get it to work.I keep getting an error 2668 or 2660 function does not take 1 aruguements..The variable is choice, it is int. I can't seem to get it to work.I am using it in a function .Sorry I am on my phone and can't post code.It is the only error in the code. T
hanks Dragonslayer
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Joined: 28th Dec 2005
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Posted: 24th Jan 2013 03:33
As far as I can see, in DarkGDK (version 1) there is only a single dbInput() function. It takes no parameters and returns a char*.
If you want to take integer input you'll have to convert that string representation to a number. This is pretty easy with a stringstream:

If you want to print some prompt before the input like the DBP version allows you you can simply call dbPrint directly above your call to dbInput.

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