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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / [dark dynamix] joint function limit?

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Joined: 26th Oct 2002
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Posted: 23rd Jan 2013 23:55 Edited at: 23rd Jan 2013 23:57
Hi, I finally found how to rotate an object joined in another one object.

all that just using the following code!:

You have to rotate both the DBPro object and his physical shape.

Ok so now I can rotate the object1.
The object1 is joined in the object2.
like the object1 is a flap and object2 is the wing.

Now the problem:
Now I make the object3. And I want to join this object3 in the object1 (the flap). Imagine the object3 as a iron piece joined in the flap surface.
Unfortunately this work really bad.

When I rotate the object1 (the flap) I notice that the object3 (the iron piece) don't rotate. This make that when the flap is rotating so the iron piece lost his physical contact with the flap...

If the object2 (the wing) is moving or rotating, the flap is perfectly joined with the wing, also when the flap is doing its own rotation during the wing movement or rotation.
But when the flap is doing its own rotation so the iron piece its mantaining just the space position related to the flap but not rotating to follow the flap rotation.

So I tried to make rotate the iron piece when the flap is rotating (using the above code) and yes, now the iron piece is rotating but when the rotation is running happen that the iron piece is not anymore in physical contact with the flap.......

In easy words:
You can't joint objects in an object rotating using the above code.

Is that a joint function limit or I lost something??
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Joined: 26th Oct 2002
Location: Rama spaceship
Posted: 24th Jan 2013 10:04 Edited at: 24th Jan 2013 10:04
I know my sad english limits and I would to provide you this video showing what is the problem.

Since now I speak about a iron piece joined in a flap and the flap is joined to a wing.
The discussion not changing but currently the guests are:
2) TAIL PLANES (the roteable objects)


(USING THE function makeJointFixed)

You can notice that in the start of video I show that the RED and GREEN CUBES are securely joined to the left and right TAIL PLANES.

But you can notice too that when I rotate the TAIL PLANES so I obtain my RED and GREEN cubes losing the joint coordination with the TAIL PLANES.

Matty H
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Posted: 25th Jan 2013 12:59
Quote: "DYN SHAPE SET LOC ROT obj_numb,0,rotation#,0,0 "

These commands can be used if you find your actor is not totally aligned with your object, probably best only used on creation and not changed on the fly.

I imagine if you are using joints then changing the shape rotation or position manually will mess up the simulation.

I'm sorry I don't have more time right now to look at your problem in depth.

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Joined: 26th Oct 2002
Location: Rama spaceship
Posted: 25th Jan 2013 17:15
Hi Matty H, using this code I can rotate my tail planes and to maintain the physical collision shape too!.
I notice some distorsions about the shadow these tail planes projects on the ground but at least I have a movable tail surfaces for my airplane! and unfortunately this is the only way I've found to rotate a joined object!

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