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Freedom Engine / [ANNOUNCEMENT] Freedom Engine Frozen

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Posted: 29th Jan 2013 21:22 Edited at: 29th Jan 2013 21:30
Hi Guys,

Some sad news, but also happy news.

The TGC team feel Freedom Engine is a great concept has great potential, but we also feel it's perhaps too early to expect developers to switch to 100% cloud based coding and more significantly, it's too early for TGC to focus on cloud based matters before we've truly finished our AppGameKit product offering. AppGameKit still needs a debugger, a faster and more solid compiler, a rounded IDE and much better help and templates. It also needs a smoother deployment system for iOS and Android packages too.

With this in mind, I have decided to cease development of Freedom Engine in 2013, and redirect those energies back to AGK. The website and services will continue in it's current form as a beta playground for cloud based ideas, and we may use it to test new online ideas such as the HTML5 platform, cloud storage and online deployment, but it will no longer be actively developed as an online language.

We will continue to maintain the GOLD account subscription service for those users who wish to retain their additional storage, and will be offering existing subscribers the option of a full refund on all subscriptions paid to date, as well as a free copy of AppGameKit to those GOLD users who registered before the 28th January 2013 so they can continue their projects using the offline solution.

I want to thank everyone who registered for and supported Freedom Engine in 2012, and want to assure everyone that the brand and concept has not been abandoned. In fact, we have just secured the rights to the website (without the hyphen) from the former owners and now control all the website names we wanted for this product. Once AppGameKit is fully featured and solid, we will be introducing cloud based services and online features slowly that plug directly into our existing Freedom Engine servers, and before too long we'll be able to launch the concept afresh, this time with an iron clad AppGameKit technology behind it. I think it's the right decision for our small team, and serves the greater good.

In the meantime, if you still want to create awesome online apps and code in the cloud, Intel have a solution for you. Recently launched, it uses HTML5 to allow cross platform apps to be coded in the browser-based Cloud9 IDE and deployed using the PhoneGap framework. You can check it out here:

Once again, my sincere apologies if this news comes as a shock or disappointment. It is commonly held that the Chinese have a saying; may you live in interesting times. Folks; you DO live in interesting times!

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