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3 Dimensional Chat / i need a melee weapon , does anyone have a link?

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Joined: 13th Feb 2013
Posted: 13th Feb 2013 21:10
(NEW IN FORUM) i need a melee weapon , anything , a piece of wood , a rock a brick a bat a knife or fists if anyone has a link to any , please ... im making a zombie game , and youre locked in a cell with two interns and a cop , because the station is filled with zombies , and the interns try to kill you , you have to kill them and then the cop to get his gun , but (im using X9) theres no melee weapons...

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Posted: 14th Feb 2013 13:43
There are plenty of melee weapons in the model packs available.

This is not a request board for 3D models, this is a showcase and Q&A for 3D modellers to showcase their work and ask others about their workflow, software etc.

I would advise you to take a look at the available model packs or maybe try doing a search for some free models.

Welcome to the forums.

As you are new here, i will help you. If you click on the store logo at the bottom of the main screen in FPSC, then, type 'free' in the search box shown, you will find a Machete.


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