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3 Dimensional Chat / 3d wings mirrored uv-map

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Joined: 8th Apr 2007
Posted: 13th Feb 2013 22:51

I made a card in wings 3d and uv-mapped it, in wings is shows correct.

In darkbasic classic (xp computer) is shows morrord. I use letters so it is incorrect for me tu use the mirrord texture.

Can anyone explain how this is possible?


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Posted: 14th Feb 2013 17:00
In wings 3d flip your model on the x before exporting.
Don't forget to post some screen shots of of your models
we would like to see them.


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Posted: 14th Feb 2013 22:59
Hello 3dDude,

Thank you for your reaction. I did the next thing. I exported my object as a .X file. The Image was white in DBC. I changed the url of the uv-map in the x-file with notepad (from: "c:\darkbasic\etc..\image.bmp" to "image.bmp"). That helped but the image is turned up side down.

If i Export it as an 3ds-file the image was shown correctly. I changed it in DBC to an x-file. Then it was succesfulley edited(no flipping).

I did not try this before. But I find it strange that exporting a X-file flips the image while it is oke in paint.

i will try to add the images and the files in a zip. Sorry no super 3d work, just a memory-game-card.





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