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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] Lyonian Warfare Official Game Thread-Please Comment And Give Us Your Ideas

Lyonia Games
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Posted: 15th Feb 2013 19:41 Edited at: 18th Feb 2013 21:13

[i]2004.Two Ireian officers escaped from the military base called ''Wolf's Den'' and after a failed attempt to escape to Alania they crashed onto Lyonian teritory.What they don't know is that they are about to embark on a amazing adventure which will take them across Lyonia in it's fight for freedom.

*Before the game begins in an Introduction it is revealed who started the Lyonian-Ireian War and what happened to Ivan Smajlović

The main protagonist Koha and his friends Karl,Z and Blonde start off their missions fighting the IRA (Ireian Republican Army) in a guerilla styled attacks:Robbing the warehouses,sniping down officers and traitors and attacking them while they are weaken by the war on two fronts.

This is the place where the game gets it's start.

*Everything will be explained in the trailer with screens to follow

The war turns the tide after the Lyonians liberate Western Lyonia nd the Square Of Heroes (shown on the screen),then the war gets good.Lyonians liberate the factory of KVR (a machine's factory sometimes reffered to as the Red October) and after they beat the Ireians trying to pull an offensive onto the Lyonian Lake.Lyonians laterr in the game kill the main antagonist Officer X and find the Relic (the document they have been searching for the whole time).

Some screens:

The things that will be in the game
70% complete
50% complete
worked on
in embrionic state

AI (not DAI)
Eastern Europe styled weapons
Modern social-realism styled enviorments
Cool missions (underwater fighting,looking for the relic etc.)
Eastern Europe styled words,jokes and expressions
Bi-language version (english,bosnian maybe russian)
Destroyable objects

That is all............for now

Screens can be found on

Lyonia 4 Life


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Posted: 18th Feb 2013 16:20
You need a screenshot in this initial post, or this will be locked.


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Posted: 18th Feb 2013 21:09
Quote: "Ragdolls"

do you mean a modified ragdoll or just the fpsc ragdoll.fpi?
Quote: "AI (not DAI)"

Artificial Intelligence does not mean that the react inteligent
Quote: "Eastern Europe styled weapons"

screenshot please! I did not know what this is
Quote: "Posters"

a poster for my wall or in game posters?
Quote: "Modern social-realism styled enviorments"

What the hell. What are social-realism styled enviorments?
Quote: "Cool missions (underwater fighting,looking for the relic etc.)"

underwater fighting? No offend, but the water is in fpsc just a graphic expansion(not usable as real water). Looking for a relic? I never play a game like this(Day of the tentacle or one of the other games)
Quote: "Eastern Europe styled words,jokes and expressions"

I am from western european, so will I able to understand your jokes, words and expressions?
Quote: "Bi-language version (english,bosnian maybe russian)"

Great for person which speak this language
Quote: "Compass"

Wow, a standart script in fpsc
Quote: "Destroyable objects "

Sounds interesting and if it works. Or did you mean the standart barrels which can explode?

All in all, your game does not look like/sound like a game I must play. So please you must make more commercial

I not want to offend you, I just write what I think as I read this thread


Lyonia Games
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Joined: 8th Feb 2012
Location: Mostar,Bosnia and Herzegowina
Posted: 18th Feb 2013 21:13
Mod lock this thread,please.We need a redone!

Lyonia 4 Life

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