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iOS and MacOS / is anyone allowed to (or willing) to compile and publish my app for iOS

easter bunny
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Posted: 16th Feb 2013 02:03
I've written an app (it's finished, but I'm still waiting to hear from a couple of Copyright owners about some of the media used in it, so I can't publish it quite yet), but as I don't have a Mac or an Apple Developer License, I can't publish it for iOS, which I would like to do.
So my question is, are other AppGameKit users allowed to compile and publish my app for me (on their account with their ID), and if so, would anyone be willing?
I'm planning on releasing the app for free under the GPL license, which means (please correct me if I'm wrong) that it can be sold (even though I won't), and the source code DOESN'T need to be published online. But if any user of the software asks for a copy of the source code, then I have to give it to them.

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Posted: 17th Feb 2013 21:40 Edited at: 17th Feb 2013 21:41
Hi, looks like there's no license issues if other user publish app compiled with your code. If you release it under GPL license, publishing app/or derivative work generally should be ok with this license. However, there's a possible collision with App Store Terms of Service (check this first: and

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Posted: 18th Feb 2013 15:46 Edited at: 18th Feb 2013 15:47
I would be interested to help you publish your app, depending on the nature and quality of your app

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