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iOS and MacOS / Anyone using FPSC 2 AGK yet?

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Joined: 13th May 2012
Posted: 9th Mar 2013 19:19
Just wondering if anyone is using this useful little app, as I am thinking of purchasing myself, although still learning AppGameKit, does anyone know if this also generates the code to play the levels or do you have to code it yourself?
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Posted: 14th Mar 2013 02:14 Edited at: 14th Mar 2013 02:21
It generates the code to load the objects, textures and lightmapping that make up the level. It also loads the players start position and gives you basic movement controls, simple gravity and collision

You can pretty much create your level in FPSC, convert it, run the code generated and be able to walk around your level. Anything else you need to add in yourself. However when AppGameKit gets animation commands loading dynamic entities will hopefully be added.

Heres a video of a very simple lightmapped level:


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