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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] [FPSC X9] Virus 626

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Posted: 14th Mar 2013 19:03
Developer: MrCrazyDude115, BlueLighteningGames

Storyline: The year is 2016, in 2013, there was a great war between USA and China, later in 2016, the Chinese accidentally unleashed a DEADLY virus across USA, Russia, and ALL of Europe, parts of China have also been quarantined. USA, Russia, England, and France, have formed an alliance to kill all the infected and save mankind, only one problem, the virus turns people into Zombies, for every fallen soldier, another Zombie comes. China refused to join the alliance, and have invaded the US. They started in New York.

Description: In this game, you fight both Zombies and Humans, the game will be divided into Campaigns, We are planning to make the first Campaign FREE.

Campaigns Planned so far in order of release:

1. New York (FREE) will be VERY LONG.
2. Washington
3. London (FREE)
4. Paris
5. Chernobyl (FREE)

These are what we planned, we also want to make a WHOLE new campaign as an expansion pack for the game. WE ALSO HAVE Survival Mode.

Tell me what you think My friends and I have made our little company called "Blue Lightening Games"

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