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DarkBASIC Discussion / Dark basic vs Dark Basic pro

Spetsnaz CG
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Joined: 28th Nov 2012
Posted: 24th Mar 2013 16:13
how do they compare i was looking into buying dark basic but is DBpro in any way superior even though it is free to private users?

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Posted: 25th Mar 2013 22:52 Edited at: 25th Mar 2013 22:55
It's far more superior.

-DBPro uses DirectX 9.0, where DBC uses DirectX 7.0
-DBPro is compiled to machine code, DBC is interpreted (much slower)
-DBPro has a lot more features than DBC. The list is pretty large, but to name the most important things: shader support (graphics card effects), vertexdata commands (fast access to object's geometry), bone animation.
-DBPro supports plugins

I'd even say DBPro is more compatible with today's hardware.


Fluffy Rabbit
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Posted: 27th Mar 2013 04:02

Quote: "-DBPro uses DirectX 9.0, where DBC uses DirectX 7.0"

That is not a good thing, in my opinion. There are compatibility issues with DirectX 9.0c, which DBP uses.

Quote: "-DBPro supports plugins"

DarkBASIC (classic) does as well.

I agree with everything else you said, though. DarkBASIC Pro is better for some people, and DarkBASIC is better for others.
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Joined: 13th Mar 2009
Posted: 29th Mar 2013 17:19
Exactly what compatibility issues do you mean?

If i provide with the game the specific DX dll files which aren't present on never DirectX systems, i haven't ever run into issues before.
Fluffy Rabbit
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Posted: 29th Mar 2013 22:46
Yes, of course, but just make sure that you are authorized to distribute those DLLs. If you aren't, people will have to install the DirectX 9.0c redistributable package.

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