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3 Dimensional Chat / 3Ds MAX link bug

3Ds Max Link BUG
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Joined: 24th Mar 2013
Posted: 24th Mar 2013 17:47
Hello people,

I am in a very unpleasant situation. My deadline is tomorrow and I have to start rendering my animation. But there is one big BUT. I've faced linking bug. When I link my animated cigarette (it's main bone) to the other cigarettes (I've created spot tracking and linked the cigarettes to the cigarettes pack)it starts messing around. Everything fails. The main cigarette keeps doing what I've key-framed before but it does it not on the same trajectory and disorderly like you can see on the screen-shot bellow:


It needs to be linked to that box and move together to the table where it would make this kind of movements:

Please, help me to solve this forsaken trouble.


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