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DarkBASIC Discussion / If you have made a side scrolling platformer, Post it here!

Acheive260 Studios
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Joined: 24th Mar 2013
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Posted: 18th Apr 2013 15:13
Im looking for all side scrolling platformers made with darkbasic, (not darkbasic pro!) and if you have made one, please post it here, post where you can buy it and a gameplay video please, i want to see what people have made with DrakBasic, (Plus its a way of advertizing...) Thank you
Van B
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Posted: 30th Apr 2013 14:26
Afraid to say, you'd be much better off looking at AGK.

Side scrolling platform games tend to do pretty well om mobile platforms as long as they have some USP - like The Other Brothers, Giana Sisters, Mikey Shorts etc etc. AppGameKit is more relevant these days for these sorts of games. I just don't think you'll find anything too impressive by todays standards - there's probably a good few platformers made in DB, but I doubt anyone is selling them. I mean - DB doesn't even support alpha transparency, so any 2D platformer is gonna struggle to look decent by todays standards.

Really, I think you'd have more fun, better results, and a much easier time by checking out AppGameKit instead... It has Box2D, great support for animated sprites, particles etc etc, it's multi-platform - it's really the next stage in evolution for DB, so much so that DB is pretty much redundant for making 2D games.

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