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Dark GDK / Damage in diameter when throwing hand granede

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Joined: 17th Apr 2013
Posted: 24th Apr 2013 13:38
I am developing A fps in which i have succeeded so far throwing a hand missile/hand granede but don't know how to show damage for enemy if enemy comes with in radius of hand granede thrown, can some one guide me
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Joined: 8th Oct 2008
Posted: 24th Apr 2013 15:22
A simple quantitative way would be like this:
- On explosion, loop through each enemy
- Using each enemy's position coordinates, find the distance from the explosion.
- If the distance isnt under a certain value, then the enemy hasn't been hit.
- Else, Raycast along the path from the explosion to the enemy to see if there is something in the way
- If the ray cast returns nothing, then calculate the reduction of health based on the distance away.

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