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Work in Progress / [Personal Game Project] Dust Legacy

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Joined: 10th May 2013
Posted: 10th May 2013 23:33
Hi guys,

I've been working on a personal project on my free time for a few months now. It's a 2D puzzle-game named "Dust Legacy" and made with XNA Game Studio 4.0, and I just completed the game basis, which allowed me to publish a first playable demo of the game.

I don't intend to sell this game, it is more like a personal experience I would like to share with you guys and get feedbacks, opinions and advices on.

Concerning the game itself, it is a 2D turn-based puzzle-game which share some similarities with the video game Puzzle Quest, with gameplay differences like characters cards and innovative game system. All you need is a mouse with a left click (right click isn't needed) and a passion for puzzle games and manga arts.

Here is the game's web site : . The articles are written in French but the game's texts are in English. I recommend that you just download the demo (the link is in the last article, at ), which contains a 58-page tutorial that will explain you the game mechanics (click on "How to Play" in the main menu). The demo contains 9 playable characters and allows you to play against another local player (on the same computer) or an AI.

To those who will try the demo: first, thank you for your interest . Also note that Dust Legacy is a personal project (I am the only one working on it, and sometimes don't have a lot of free time ) and that this demo contains many temporary assets (for example, the (horrible) text fonts will certainly be replaced later). After playing the demo, could you tell me your feedbacks about it: Do the game mechanics make the game fun to play ? Which bugs have you encountered ? Is the game well-balanced ? etc...

Thank you in advance
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Location: Hemel Hempstead, England
Posted: 16th May 2013 21:49
I am not sure if I should be the one posting this due to my lack of knowledge about XNA but I am almost 100% sure that it is not made by (or is associated with) The Game Creators.

If I am correct in that point then moderators will not like this post being on The Game Creators forum. If it is associated with The Game Creators then ignore this post but otherwise I would suggest providing some information as to what it has to do with DB or AGK...

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