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Dark GDK / Some DarkGDK Help!

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Joined: 3rd Nov 2006
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Posted: 17th May 2013 00:03
I have a nice project going in DBP but am also learning C++. I want to port my DBP stuff to DarkGDK. I have been playing around with GDK code to see how things work. I couldn't get dbInput() to work. Finally figured that out. How do you get dbPrint() to print on the same line? here is some psudo code

All I can get it to do is print under the print statement

Also I have tried using straight c++ in DGK projects. cout and cin commands. I can get a blank screen to co me up but nothing else, using the same example as above. It compiles but can't see anything. I have read somewhere that you have to do something to get a console window over your DGDK project window. Why?

Why can't you just start an empty win32 console project and include darkGDK.h and go from there? I will be trying this!

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Joined: 26th Jun 2005
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Posted: 17th May 2013 03:17 Edited at: 17th May 2013 03:26
once you got your screen set up, try

there are couple different ways to input data, I will have research it as well.

Also, allot of the text and string commands have been pulled out of the newer version of the DGK, the reasoning is that the native language support is better than what they will wrap around.

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Posted: 17th May 2013 03:58
dbPrintC will print without the line feed.

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