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Code Snippets / [DBP] - Simple GUI - Code to make buttons

The Freezer Power
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Joined: 22nd Jun 2008
Posted: 15th Jun 2013 18:10
First; i'm not so good at English so probably I will mistake a lot of grammar. Anyway I will try to introduce the code.

This programm is an easy code to make buttons for your programs (probable you will need to add a "SYNC" in the FUNCTION PulsarBoton (Press Button) if you try to add this into your programms).

The mechanical is simple. You press returnkey, and the programm will create a random button that you can Press with the mouse left click.

I hope you'll like it. And sorry about my English.

Sorry. I´m not speak English very well.
feiting shadow
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Joined: 12th Sep 2006
Posted: 4th Jul 2013 09:47
Your English isn't bad, no worries!

Also, your code is pretty easy to read with a bit of Spanish knowledge.

Hacer = make, Crear = Create, Pulsar = Push, Mensaje seems to be text (message).

I like your abstraction. You take the complex areas and put them into one-line calls.

If you want to test yourself, try to imitate Sixty Squares:

or mine:

A GUI is not easy, try to make a slider next. It will give you a sense of input that doesn't stand still, and lets you place the callback function at a good spot (the way to tell what value it is and when it changed)


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