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DarkBASIC Discussion / Remember the "epilepsy warning" animation

epilepsy warning guy
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Joined: 18th Jun 2013
Posted: 18th Jun 2013 12:13
Some years ago I made an animation titled "epilepsy warning" which I posted to an animated tiles competition. It was surprisingly popular. Based on fractal formula it had a something like 3 year run length and was 2k not including hash tables and some other minor stuff. It was made in darkbasic and I think the competition was darkbasic related. Anyway my stalkers wiped it off my computer and now I'm wishing I had it back. Anyone know of it or have a copy of it? This is all the information I have on it.

oh, by the way. The title was meant to warn those who have epilepsy. Unfortunately at least one person thought the file contained a warning and opened it and was a bit pissed at my lightning effects. Sorry about that.

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