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Music & Sound FX / Soundtrack Composer looking for projects to collaborate on

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Joined: 23rd Jul 2013
Posted: 23rd Jul 2013 17:58

My name is Austin and I'm a composer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music. I love video games and the soundtracks have been the greatest drive in my musical education. I would love to work with you on your project to create something awesome.

If you have a short title that will only require a few simple tracks, I'd be happy to work for free. If you have a larger work like an epic RPG then we can get in touch and discuss budget. I'm very flexible depending on your needs.

Here is my bio:

Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Music from Radford University in Virginia, Austin is a skilled and creative composer who is dedicated to producing the highest quality music available.

Austin began proper lessons on piano at the age of five, and guitar at seven. He joined middle school band learning flute, and went on to play flute and lead the percussion section in High School. Upon completion of High School, he attended Radford University for four years where he completed his degree. He works continuously to perfect his musical finesse to the present day.

Music composition is his drive in life. His influences include Al di Meola, Hector Berlioz, Nobuo Uematsu, Kazumi Totaka, Ludwig van Beethoven, and many more.

Austin hopes to become involved in scoring soundtracks for film, documentaries, and video games. His specialty is RPG soundtracks and Ambient Soundscapes.

If you are interested in working with Austin on your project, contact him and he will be happy to score a short demo for your project to demonstrate his musical capabilities.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to working with you.
Southside Games
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Posted: 5th Nov 2013 21:50
if you are still looking I need someone to compose. My game is a simple adventure game just needing world and menu music.

If possible I would like a little bit of a dynamic touch. something like little big planet were I could change how loud a layer of the track would be at a point in time. My idea is that when not in combat the music would be softer vs in combat were it would be heaver.

Please let me know. If you want to see the videos I've been making about my project check my youtube account out were I have been posting updates. It's mostly tech. But it should give you the kind of feel the game will have. if you need more at that point you can email me and we can Talk more.


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