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2D All the way! / Dragon Ball Z War of Saiyans

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The story takes place five years after the wedding of Goku and Chichi.
While our most promising young has given birth to a son named Gohan.

A mysterious space warrior, named Raditz comes to Earth to find his brother, to take to the blue planet ..., Goku of course refused to join the Warriors of space, Raditz took Gohan hostage son Goku.

Piccolo asks Goku to join forces to defeat the tyrant Raditz, Goku leave everything to save the earth and therefore cost the lives of Songoku.
Before dying, Raditz tells them that other space warriors soon came to Earth for revenge for the death of Raditz!
Continue an expedition on the planet Namek, and the fight against the tyrant Frieza and his men.

Then a wing back ground, always in danger with the appearance of the Cyborgs (Androids)! Formidable, Cell impressive invention of Dr.Gero. Then later, Buu strange rebirth.

This is the story of Dragon Ball Z, the planet Earth and space warriors terrible.
As the terrible Frieza on the planet Namek and not to mention the terrible Celula (Cell) and the strange appearance of Majin Buu, among the warriors that you will do everything possible to become the legendary warrior!.

To get there you will face more enemies like in the series, as the fearsome fighter who only has a desire to be the strongest (Vegeta).

Finally there are many more things in the War of Dragon Ball Z Saiyans, but I can not reveal all for the pleasure of you to discover new places, new monsters, new friends, new items, lots of fun!.

-The faster becomes strong.
-Get twice when you sell an item in the store.
If vip also receive, then a human vip receives 4x times the value of the object.

-You start with the unique technique of multiplication.
-You start with a technique that heals.

-They have the strongest attack.
-Several transformations
-Not Attack and defense lose when you die.

-You start with a unique technique.
-Receive a technique that absorbs enimo mp, at level 40.

-Posen strongest equipment, earn more experience 2x times.
Then the vip with 4x Changeling get more exp, and weekends doubles server then get 8x exp exp.

-They can transform the enemy into chocolate.
-Soak the state of attack and defense of the enemy.

- Distribution of points for commands
- Command /ciudad go the principal City
- Raid Boss of the entire series, starting with Raditz and termiando by Buu.
- Shenlong-system, and need not beyond an Administrator to make a wish.
- Improved autoloot, now collects items and money.
- Kamehameha, Kikoha, Masenko, among other existing shots in the series.
- Clothes, equipment and existing items in the series.
- The seed of the gods.
- Concentrate-power system.
- Teleport.
- Invisibility.
- System Planets: You can buy a planet, all that was purchased on that planet you get 10% and the npc's to die on the planet you accumulate money.
- PETs-System: The pets are an improvement that will obtain for donations or the game itself (free but still does not believe creare).
- PET Chaos: You get 10% more damage
- PET Pual: You'll get 50% more damage.
- Chat-system: switched chat got a little more transparent and when someone speaks for the chat will have the chat.
- Photo by Clan System: By creating the clan can choose a photo for this as follows:
Flag + clan name
- System scheduled messages: every so often a message anyone can help or news within the game.
- Guild War System: Automatically Saturdays command will automatically open you can get the castle or what I dese.
- Event System Saturday and Sunday: Saturdays and Sundays automatically get double exp in the game. (If a npc gives you 15 exp will give 30 Saturday and Sunday)
- System Maintenance: If I need to make a quick maintenance on the server will not need to restart the server or the players leave the game simply are playing and screen goes gray with a message saying it is undergoing maintenance and when finished take off everything and you can play normal.
- Spells-System: Formerly you could only use spells from Spell panel techniques and such, now you only have to enter the menu of techniques to put the new technique in the F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6. We also have an icon of the technique will be used the magic crossed the Ins when we fitted in the menu or directly techniques and using them and giving equipándotelas F1, F2 ...
- We improved the Anti-Hack system: now compatible with Windows 7 and with greater security.
- We improved the EXP system: Once when we killed an NPC always left the EXP on one side of the screen now as before will not appear above the npc and up a bit up the npc already dead and disappear, saying the value of the experience.
- Equipment System Now we can see the objects fitted in a sidebar left wing.
- NPC-system with abilities: now instead of attacking npc fist to fist can have their skills as instant teleportation to mean? That when you want to launch attacks and technique have to wait 3 seconds as the case of the npc kamekame-has seen these by taking a x time the thought that these charging a kamekame-ha and teleport away to avoid being affect the kamekame-ha.
- Flood or Spam System: If you spam or flood then have a warning saying the server arrived you did flood and message, peaceful if we believe that you were writing fast with an argument you will remove the warning if I see that you put nonsense like, adsadd, dasasda, asdsads, aqweqwee, lol, ew, ELWL things like the warning will be placed,
¿How to avoid these warnings?
- Answer: Just give a few seconds to re-write.
- Gravity-System: In most maps X1 gravity is, all your status be real, if there a map that X10 gravely weaken your status for the reason that gravity is higher and not used.
¿How to know which map has gravity or not?
- Answer: In the player's screen (where you play) is a small image as an icon that shows the gravity map.
- System ads or promotions: Every X time a message with game promotions or advertisements. Can you guide a little more.
- Warning system: good the system is similar to above but you are advised to use the EnergyBlast.
¿That is EnergyBlast? It is a bonus that we give to get 1 point for distribution. Also if you will not use it all the time saying EnergyBlast used to not miss even 1 point of bonuses we give away.
- Notice to level up: good to level up and do not realize an icon saying you have points to distribute.
- Radar-system: This system can find the dragon balls thanks to an automatic search will tell you about where this all 7 dragon balls.
- Shenlong-System: Al collect the 7 Dragon Balls can invoke to choose your desire.
- Paperdoll-System: Now by equipping certain items (we put all paperdolls) will appear on your character.
- Craft-System: With this system we can improve our armor, boots, accessories .... And every object in your inventory.
- System selector new characters: We innovate the game and we are doing at all improving and adding new systems, you can now choose your favorite by clicking the <and> (Y = image of the character).

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