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Code Snippets / [DBP] - [Matrix1] Minimalistic 3D Billboard Text

Chris Tate
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Posted: 3rd Sep 2013 03:39
This is a blatant act of minimalism; even this description is going to be succinct. This snippet is a simple demonstration of using text in 3D space.

There is nothing new here, but it is good for learners to be aware of this facilitation.

Features heavy use of Matrix1 commands. (Yes, single parameter ink command, RGB colours with alpha channel and image drawing commands)

There are practically no comments in the snippet because it is so simple.

There are three planes used to handle drawing of text on screen with different lighting settings and manipulation.

This opens the door for HLSL text shading and brings the best of the text and 3D command libraries together.

For experimental computer scientists out there, might be a good idea to play around with Madbits billboard plugin to create animated text.

This is also a principle that supports the use of particle systems to be used for text effects.

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