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Work in Progress / [DBP][2d] Haze chase 0.8 [old style retro game] [Multiplayer]

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Joined: 4th Oct 2004
Location: [Germany]
Posted: 13th Sep 2013 07:52 Edited at: 13th Sep 2013 08:10
Hey Guys
Recently I found an old code on an old hard drive.
I polished it up and I am trying to release this code into the wild.

This is a clone from a retro game called 'zatacka'. It was a lot of fun getting back to my old coding logic again.
This is a Multiplayer game. You can play with up to four people at one computer.
The player is controlling a line, like in tron, the player must cut off the way of the opponents.

I recommend you to watch the gameplay video, it self-explanatory.


Player 1 | Left: [<] | Right: [>] (arrowkeys)

Player 2 | Left: [a] | Right: [s]
Player 3 | Left: [*] | Right: [-] (keypad)
Player 4 | Left: Mouse1 | Right: Mouse2

Main Menu "retro style"

Game "even more retro style"

Youtube Link

you can grab it here:,21,maze-chase-0.8.htm

Comments and Critics are pleased



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Joined: 12th Mar 2009
Posted: 15th Sep 2013 06:08
You should make an ai opponent. Would be good programming practice and would be interesting to play against.
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Joined: 4th Oct 2004
Location: [Germany]
Posted: 15th Sep 2013 23:53 Edited at: 16th Sep 2013 00:58
I have already worked on ai opponents.

Just download the new file to try it out,21,maze-chase-0.8.htm

In the menu, you can select an ai opponent by using the keys [1],[2],[3] and [4].

Note: This is the first version of the AI system. I call it the "panic level".
The AI will only react, if danger appears.

later, I'll add some strategic functions to the AI, to have a more aggresive opponent.

I also improved the menu and added some settings to change
like music [on/off], sound[on/off] or display mode.[1024x768][1920x1080]


It seems, that some computers have no collision in this game.
Another computer needed the "msvcr71.dll" to start the game.

What have I done wrong? The problem can not be the game code.


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