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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / Dark House--Ashes to Ashes

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Joined: 23rd Jun 2006
Posted: 14th Sep 2013 01:14 Edited at: 14th Sep 2013 01:50

This will likely be my parting shot at FPSC where I will use everything I have discovered, all the little tricks I learned over the years using FPSC Classic.

For those who remember the original Dark House it was a single level Tech Demo to show how I had developed an interactive system. There were other level designs I had completed for it but never had the time to build them in and for me it was enough to simply demonstrate the interactive technique.
It was far from perfect in level design, which is unusual for me as I have always been mostly concerned with environment and the Artistic side was something I ignored, simply concentrating on a way of immersing the player further into the game.

FPSC has come a long way with many new features being introduced and I intend to use many of these in this new version. There are also some older features which I now realise I didn't have a complete grasp of at the time and have improved on for this.

All texture resolutions have been increased and a lot more work has gone into creating textures which have a touch more realism to them. Model creation and placement in scene will make a lot more sense as regards the real world environment, although I still retain the right to a little Artistic license where I can add some imaginative fantasy to scenes.

Interactive system:
I have tightened up the way this works and now it works flawlessly with the player weapon auto swapped out for the interactive hand when nearby anything that can be used such as door handles etc.

Dynamic Shadows:
Those who remember the Shadow Room will know that I used Bond1's Atlas walk shader to create a faked dynamic light which swung from the ceiling, flooding light back and forth across the room. I have dug deeper into this shader and introduced an alpha layer which allows for any size texture which is overlapped with the animated shadows. This improves both performance and appearance immensely.
It surprised me how well this works and how good it looks. Expect more scenes using this with realistic shadows and light reflections.

Video Textures:
I will be using video textures for some characters....but not in the way you think. This idea is still on the drawing board but no reason it wont work and will scare your pants off.

Baked textures:
As usual I will be creating and lighting entire scenes in modeler and using these instead of basic FPSC lighting. This time however I intend to ramp up on Global Illumination etc to create a more realistic appearance.

Having said all this the game will only be around 3-4 levels but you can expect it to be quality over quantity. I have no storyline, it is an environmental experience. Regard it as a Haunted House walkthrough with a few shocks and puzzles to solve to reach the end in one piece

Comments and crit are welcome.
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Joined: 22nd Jun 2012
Location: New Zealand
Posted: 14th Sep 2013 01:57
Sounds very interesting. I especially like the sound of the dynamic shadows. It should be something of very high quality, looking forward to it

- An Instinctive Fear IndieDB page, download the demo today!
michael x
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Joined: 10th Jan 2009
Location: Cybertron
Posted: 14th Sep 2013 07:32
wow I hope to play this one too.

more than what meets the eye

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Joined: 8th Nov 2007
Location: Luxemburg
Posted: 15th Sep 2013 01:15
Quote: "This will likely be my parting shot at FPSC where I will use everything I have discovered, all the little tricks I learned over the years using FPSC Classic."

Good luck quitting... I tried too.

I'm not entirely sober right now so I try to keep this as coherent as possible:

It looks good so far and I'm glad to see you give good ol' FPSC another spin. Do you intend to keep it so contrasty? I'm really not the one who should talk but the candleholder in front of the picture seems to melt with the frame.

Top notch otherwise! I find you to be the most skilled artist on here and it really shows. Especially in these effects and techniques I havent seen used by anyone else.

I'm certainly looking forward to what you will come up with, knowing that it will probably impress my socks of! Serious horror or more scooby-doo?

Oh, another little complaint: Don't use a pixelated harry-potter font in the title, it gives it a really corny look.

"absurdity has become necessity"
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Joined: 23rd Jun 2006
Posted: 1st Oct 2013 05:06 Edited at: 1st Oct 2013 05:21
Sorry to take long to respond to this, been sidetracked with real life issues.

Thanks for the comments and encouragement.

Quote: "Good luck quitting... I tried too."

Didn't mean to give the impression I was quitting, simply that this would likely be my last game effort/project using FPSC Classic

My intention is to use all the knowledge and little tricks (plus any new ones) Using what is , I assume, the finished and completed version of Classic. There is much that may be forgotten about in recent updates and I doubt anyone has a handle on it all. With everyone looking to move onto Reloaded it would be a shame if Classic fell into oblivion after all the work and effort put in by members of these forums to make it what it has become.
It is and will continue to be a viable game engine for some folks who down the line may see it as a worthwhile investment for game making, particularly with all the accessible media it has gathered over the years.

Having muttered all that I guess my real intent is to at least use it, in thanks to those who have worked so hard to make it better than it was and for future users who would, I think, appreciate the presentation of its capabilities. Half the battle is knowing something CAN be done.

I learned a lot from people over the years around here and have myself tried to think outside the box with it. I have always believed in this underrated little piece of software and its been a real inspiration to myself and others....yourself included Wolf....and some have tried to make it look like more than it really is. Sometimes we succeed beyond our expectations and sometimes we fail miserably but for anyone willing to put the work in, it has been a really satisfying experience. I can only hope that it wont sink below the waves of Reloaded and it continues to be used by a new different user base who get as much out of it as I do.

Its not an attempt at creating a mind blowing commercial game...that's for the likes of Ertlov and his brilliant and eccentric team of designers and the likes of the Fox's and others of their ilk who view it as a business investment. It's more of an attempt to show that not only is FPSC capable of far more than at first sight,but it's also great fun and a wide learning experience for the individual who not only likes playing games but who wants to try playing around with making them.

Besides I got a bunch of models and media I made specifically for this engine....and I swear I will find a way to stuff it all into this.

Now I just want to know one thing......How do I get my life back and start living in daylight again?
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Joined: 18th Jan 2007
Location: Austria
Posted: 1st Oct 2013 17:34
Quote: " brilliant "


Quote: "and eccentric"

That sounds more fitting!

Quote: "team"


By the way, I have a nice package of wood textures that could fit in, do you still need something?

Great game Idea so far, really looking forward to that!

Come to where the madness is:
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Joined: 22nd Jul 2006
Posted: 3rd Oct 2013 03:21
Looking forward to this one rolfy.

Your work has always been good and nice to see you have time to work on another project if you want any help you know where I am.

best s4real

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Joined: 18th Jul 2007
Posted: 3rd Oct 2013 07:46
I cannot wait to see this in action myself! Big promises!

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Joined: 8th Oct 2012
Posted: 3rd Oct 2013 16:58 Edited at: 3rd Oct 2013 16:58
I looked forward to this demo because it will be useful for inspiration.
Looking for me ausi ​​achieve a quality game with Fps Creator X9 version, and I am quite a fan of Silent Hill and Resident evile (usually horror games).
The screen is really nice ambience with its 'dark'!

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Joined: 30th Jul 2008
Posted: 11th Oct 2013 16:37
Looks great Rolfy!

Anymore screen shots??

Will you explain how to do the gameplay mechanics once the demo/levels have been done.

Would be a good source for other FPSC people of what can be done and how....

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