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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Scrolling lists [tutorial]

easter bunny
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Joined: 20th Nov 2012
Playing: Dota 2
Posted: 14th Sep 2013 09:05
I thought I'd just write a quick tut on how I do scrolling lists, these are useful for level selector screens and that sort of thing.

I've just written it out as well documented code, check it out (fully working with no extra files)

I've removed the method for clicking on a particular tile, try thinking of a way yourself!

The method is very versatile, here's a cool example of what I mean!
using a sinwave to adjust the sprite size!

it could to with some perspective, anyone want to try making a method to adjust the perspective of a sprite using memblocks???

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Posted: 14th Sep 2013 14:15
Well done, MissJoJo.

Thanks for sharing. Very nice functionality!


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